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Leveraging Diversity at Work


Depending on your needs, Alliance of Chicago Trainers can come to your place of business or organization and provide a half-day, full-day or week long workshop. Please also view our Scheduled Events page for current workshops.

For more information about any of our workshops please use the contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Diversity Workshops

Choice Theory/Reality Therapy

The Motivational M.A.C.K. Pack

Fight Life Through

Empowerment Parenting

Relationship Empowerment

The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Program

Turning Stopping Stones into Stepping Stones

Functioning Above the Rim under Pressure

Universal Principles of Teambuilding

Goal Attainment

Empowered Leadership

Training of Trainers Workshop (2 days)

Communication in the Workplace

Customer Service Simplified

Business for Entrepreneurs Simplified
Presentation Skills
Communication in the Classroom & Workplace
Marketing Simplified

101-Empowerment Parenting helps parents to understand the psychology behind what is happening with their children at various stages. Parents will learn how to align themselves with their child’s resistance for increased cooperation and compliance. Parents will learn how to sacrifice what they want now—strict compliance, for what they REALLY want—a responsible, caring, child who is capable of making rational decisions. Empowerment Parenting teaches parents simple skills and strategies for helping their children successfully make it through the challenging phases of their lives. Parenting children is no easy task. They don’t come with an instruction manual. Times are different that when your parents parented you! Empowerment parenting shows parents how to compromise and negotiate with their children as they gradually increase freedom as their child demonstrates the responsible behavior to handle and appropriately manage that freedom. This is a challenging way to parent. It is truly parenting for the 21st century. Those who have learned these strategies have been amazed at their results. Their children became more honest with them. Their children became less argumentative. Their children asked for their advice on solutions to their challenges in life. The parental rewards of Empowerment parenting are astronomical!

102-Relationship Empowerment is a highly interactive workshop, I will naturally cover the seven deadly and seven caring habits of relationships. I also plan to differentiate between power and force (as in David Hawkins’ brilliant book) which is a nice parallel to Glasser’s contention that external control is what’s destroying relationships. We will explore how males and females experience relationships differently and want different things from the relationship. I will talk to people about the three possible relationship choices—leave it, change it, or accept it. Whatever their choice, they are responsible for engaging in effective behaviors to accomplish their goal. We will look at need strength profiles. Individuals can become empowered because they can be proactive in their relationship instead of waiting for the other person to change. I will demonstrate what it is like for couples in conflict using Power’s rubber band activity and we will negotiate an issue by using a combination of the solving circle and the Native American custom of the talking stick.

301-The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. program is a specialized empowerment series, designed for youth ages 10 to 25, covering a variety of topics including but not limited to developing and maintaining respect as a minority within the dominant culture, discipline, vision, focus, roles & responsibilities, recognizing one’s individual value, overcoming challenges, communication, pursuing one's goals, creating opportunities for success and developing positive relationships with peers and adults. For more information about the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Program, click here. Download the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Brochure.

302-Turning Stopping Stones into Stepping Stones addresses the three critical areas necessary for overcoming obstacles: the mindset, the strategic plan and the implementation of that plan. Participants will be able to develop the skills necessary to reframe perceived obstacles into opportunities for success.

303-Functioning Above the Rim under Pressure deals with effectively handling crisis situations, using the Triple A method, which deals with Assessment, using principles from The Art of War, determination of options, prioritization, preactivation Adjustment, and Activation. Participants will be able to increase their comfort level with managing the unexpected by being able to accurately assess levels of danger, understand principles of war in a fight or flight situation, as well as how to determine viable options.

304-Universal Principles of Teambuilding is designed to teach universal principles necessary for developing and maintaining effective teamwork by using the Ten Laws of Internal Intelligence. If the principles are applied, participants will be able to improve communication, identify common goals and work in the spirit of harmony toward the identified goals.

601-The Motivational M.A.C.K. Pack is a message designed to assist individuals with taking their lives to the next level. It addresses ways to overcome adversities and obstacles and recommends that in order to be successful that you have to be motivated, possess a positive attitude, choose to be committed, and work to increase your knowledge daily. Mack takes you on a journey that you will never forget.

602-Fight Life Through is a message designed to alert individuals to the true value of life in discovering your gift and your purpose. It is also crafted to inspire and encourage individuals during times of uncertainity and struggle that with strong faith in the end they can be victorious. Inspired by the life of his late mother, Lorraine McGhee, Mack takes you on a journey that you will never forget. When going through trials and tribulations remember to fight life through.

103-Training of Trainers Workshop (2 days)
Train your staff to develop their own highly interactive, engaging training. These two days are structured as a workshop so after the two days, your staff will leave with the beginning of an outline for their own training topic.

104-Diversity Workshops
(Series of Three 6 hour Workshops)

Day 1: Cultural Awareness - In this highly interactive workshop, the trainers help their audience to experience diversity from the inside out. Participants begin to think of diversity in terms of their own experiences, values, stereotypes and prejudices. Through several sets of meaningful exercise, participants will actually experience a little of what it feels like to be a minority within a majority culture.

Day 2: Cultural Information - In this workshop, information will be presented regarding research and what it tells us about particular cultural groups. If your agency encounters specific cultures, the information can be tailored to the particular groups you serve. This is the day where staff can get their specific questions answered about other cultures. ( Day 1 is a prequisite to Day 2 and must be taken first)

Day 3: Cultural Skills - In this workshop, the trainers focus on skill development for helpers so that counselors/therapists/social workers can feel comfortable interacting with members of cultures dissimilar from their own. It involves identifying our areas of strength and knowing when it is necessary to seek supervision and possibly refer to someone more qualified.
(Day 2 is a prequisite to Day 3 and must be taken first)

Diversity Discount: If you schedule all three days, either consecutively or spread out over a period of time, you will receive a discount. Call 708-957-6047 for pricing and details.

105-Choice Theory/Reality Therapy
4 - 4 1/2 day Training toward Certification

A. When your agency schedules a week of training for your staff only, there can be a maximum of 16 people in the group. This training is typically scheduled for six hours Monday through Thursday and then three hours on Friday. However, it could be structured for seven hours a day Monday through Thursday or it could run for two seven hour days and then two more seven hour days with a maximum of 14 days between the two sets of days. Upon purchase of this Training you will receive our free eBook by Dr. William Glasser, "Treating Mental Health as a Public Health Problem".

B. You can send an individual from your organization to an open week of training, the cost is $500 per individual.

106-Empowered Leadership: As a manager, you have the responsibility to create a need satisfying workplace for yourself and your workers. Managers need to hold the bar high—set the standards and lead by example. During this workshop, you will learn how to get the best from your workers, empower your workers, earn their respect and loyalty and open the lines of communication. Learning how to share the power between management and workers will empower both groups and ultimately lead to less employee turnover, improved employee satisfaction and an increase in productivity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss important leadership qualities.
  • Create the proper balance between focusing on the product or service and the producers of that product or service.
  • Practice a five-step coaching model for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Formulate a time management time for you and teach the strategies to your employees.
  • Discuss benefits of teamwork and diversity and develop plans for improving each.
  • Mediate a conflict situation and demonstrate positive problem-solving methods.

This workshop could be one day long, where participants will simply get an overview of each target area or it could be provided as a series of workshop extending over a year or more. The length is determined by the company’s needs and commitment to addressing these issues.

107-Goal Attainment: You can attain your goals year after year with an effective, time-tested system—a plan with built-in support and accountability.  Attaining your goals requires hard work and determination.  You need to plan and make time to work on your goals.  They will not just happen.  This workshop will give you the strategies you need to make a plan and manage your time while still maintaining a positive attitude and staying motivated until you complete your goals.  This workshop is a six-hour workshop

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify your goals.
  • Discuss how to maintain balance in your life while trying to attain your goals.
  • Complete an inventory of where you are today.
  • Create a time management plan.
  • Create your own personal visualizations and affirmations.
  • Develop a proactive plan for achieving and maintaining a positive attitude.

401-Communication in the Workplace
This course teaches effective communication in the workplace. Successful communication in both face to-face and electronic situations will be explored while purposes of communication will be discussed. This fun and interactive class includes formal and informal presentations, verbal and non-verbal communication, one-on-one, small group and large group facilitation. Upon completion, students will have the tools necessary to:
.value importance of interpersonal communication skills in the workplace
.facilitate productive and inclusive discussions in meetings
.select effective and appropriate electronic communication methods
.evaluate and resolve conflict situations
.choose effective methods of giving and receiving feedback
.apply effective communication in multi-cultural and multi-generational society
.demonstrate professional competency in written and verbal communication skills
.demonstrate an understanding of the ethical issues involved in interpersonal communications

402-Customer Service Simplified
This workshop is designed for anyone who works with the public to learn the art of customer service, both internally and externally, and enhance their productivity and customer satisfaction. Participants will learn about customer analysis, telephone customer service, e-mail netiquette and communication fundamentals. Participants will have the opportunity to see things through their customer’s eyes. The end result will be satisfied customers which lead to higher profits for your organization. One hour lunch on own.

403-Business for Entrepreneurs Simplified
This program is for start-up entrepreneurs who want to learn how to prepare for the stages of business growth and development. Learn about market research, marketing strategies, and business fundamentals. In class, participants develop a start-up business plan to test their business concept and learn how to raise money for that concept.

404-Presentation Skills
Learn how to plan, prepare, organize, and practice presentations in a variety of settings. Topics include nervousness, stage fright, and the use of humor and visual aids when giving a presentation.

405-Communications in the Classroom & Workplace
Explore effective communication practices in the classroom and in the workplace. This fun and interactive class includes formal and informal presentations, face-to-face and electronic situations, verbal and non-verbal communication, one-on-one situations, and small and large group facilitation.

406-Marketing Simplified
This interactive class teaches a no-nonsense approach on writing a marketing plan. Learn new steps each week.



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