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Leveraging Diversity at Work


Meet Our Facilitators

Kim Olver
Kim Olver, President
Kim has been involved with social service agencies since 1980, holding a variety of positions from case manager to Assistant Executive Director to Director of Training & Development, and several in between. She has also consulted with other agencies on training, leadership development, treatment programs and management styles. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a graduate degree in counseling, is a National Certified Counselor and is a licensed counselor in the states of Pennsylvania and Illinois and a board certified coach.
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Sylvester BaughSylvester Baugh, Vice President
Sylvester is President of Baugh Training & Consulting in Illinois. He provides training, consultation, and coaching for individuals, agencies, and other institutions. For over 18 years Sylvester served as the Training Manager for a multi-faceted family service center in Park Forest, Illinois where he trained and consulted with youth, teachers, social workers, and other business professionals. Sylvester has assisted after school programs and community groups in facilitating quality programs. For over 20 years, Sylvester has dedicated his life to serving and improving others. Sylvester provides trainings and workshops in the areas of, Cultural Awareness, Managing Conflict in the Workplace, Managing Our Value Systems, Negotiation, and much more. Most recently he co-authored the book, Leveraging Diversity at Work, How to Hire, Retain and Inspire a Diverse Workforce for Peak Performance and Profit. He is a Certified Basic Week Instructor for the William Glasser Institute (California) and teaches the concepts of Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and Lead Management all over the country. Prior to the tragedy of 9/11/01, he worked with United Airlines in the areas of Life Skills and Diversity Management. He has consulted with companies on diversity, training, leadership, and management. Sylvester’s a dynamic, stimulating, inspirational presenter. His message is life changing and inspiring.


Marcus Gentry


Marcus Gentry, Vice President
Marcus is a Certified Alcohol and other addictions counselor, internationally recognized motivational speaker, a Mentor, Life Coach and member of the National at Risk Educational Network...  He inspires his audiences and those in his personal circle to identify their own greatness by his methods of empowerment and engagement.  He also helps people function above and beyond mediocrity by understanding the importance of P.O.P.ing their time. PROTECT, ORGANIZE and PRIORTIZE.
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Mack McGhee


Mack Dion McGhee
Mack was born May 10, 1971 in Chicago Heights, IL. At the age of 19 Mack became the victim of violence while at a New Year ’s Eve Party in which he took three blows to the head and face with the clawed side of a hammer, requiring him to receive 36 stitches in his face and head. This incident was however a turning point for Mack.

Determined to make something out of his life he worked diligently
to climb off of academic probation and transferred to Governors State University where he successfully completed a BA Degree in Criminal Justice. He continued on to complete a MA in Political and Justice Studies by the age of 24. Read more

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Lamont Brown

Lamont Brown,
challenges and adversity is no stranger to this Chicago native. Raised in Harvey, IL, Lamont Brown experienced a lot of success athletically. However, while attending Brooks Jr. High School, he had difficulty dealing with his mother being on drugs, his stepfather leaving and his biological father in and out of jail.

While at Thornton High School, he began to give in to the pressures of street life, where he found himself in handcuffs over 20 times. Although he was a convicted felon twice, he was fortunate to escape the penitentiary by successfully completing sixty months of strict probation. Unfortunately, he had several close friends that received jail terms ranging anywhere between 3 to 30 years. Read more




Andrea Deese-Shepard, is a HIV/AIDS Prevention trainer and educator for Aunt Martha’s’ Youth Service Center, Inc. primarily in the Southern Suburbs of Cook County. She has 15 years experience in the health service field. In addition to teaching about HIV/AIDS and STD awareness and prevention to the professional staff and volunteers at Aunt Martha’s, Andrea has extensive experience working with young people doing risk reduction counseling and education in group homes, health clinics, at community health fairs, in schools, workshops for Faith-based organizations, and outreach settings. Her classes are candid, thought provoking and highly interactive. She handles sensitive controversial topics with confidence and poise. Andrea facilitates two gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning and transgender support groups for young people and adults as well as chairs a support group for females. Read more



Darnell Baugh, has over twenty years experience in Higher Education.  His professional background includes administration/management and teaching.

As Associate Dean of Students, his responsibilities included student housing and part-time employment programs, mediation, judicial affairs, and providing advising services to international, non traditional, and at-risk students.  As Campus Vice-President for Career Services, he was responsible for all department functions for graduate placement.

He has developed and facilitated workshops on conflict resolution, mediation, customer service, staff development, and various subjects on job readiness including resume preparation, interviewing, and networking.

Darnell holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication.








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